Cancer support

In February 2021, I was diagnosed with Advanced Lung Cancer.
I was shopping in Kapiti in April 2022. We parked outside Kapiti Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic by chance. We went and did the shopping just as we were about to leave. I decided to enquire if they would treat me. Jane was on reception and I asked her if they work with terminal diagnosis. She looked me directly in the eyes and said yes.
Most people are uncomfortable when I tell them I have a terminal diagnosis. They aren’t able to look me in the eyes or they try to placate me with soothing words. Jane’s reaction was to not dismiss me; she saw me not the diagnosis. It was a profound affirmation for me. In that moment I felt so seen and supported I knew it was going to be a positive experience being treated by the Clinic.
My expectations have been exceeded. Jason has been treating me for 7 months. From the moment I step into the clinic I am either greeted by the lovely Nami or Jane they’re always pleased to see me and it’s such an absolute delight to attend appointments. It’s like a lovely Oasis.
Jason has systematically removed side effects that occur with the Western medicine.
I have Advanced Lung Cancer with EGFR mutation which means I can be treated with targeted therapy Osimertinib the medication shrinks the tumour.
However, there are extensive side effects, such as
– Fatigue
– Ulcers in the mouth
– Skin eruptions
– Red burning eyes
– Thinning of hair
– Dry skin
– Breathlessness
– Anxiety
– Weakness
– Joint and muscle pain
– Hair loss
– Inflammation, to name a few
Jason has relieved all of the above side effects. My quality of life has improved tenfold.
On May the 26th after seeing Jason for just 4 weeks I was in Wellington. I walked for 3 km prior to seeing Jason. I couldn’t walk 100 meters without needing to stop due to breathlessness.
I see Jason weekly and it has been the most helpful part of my overall treatment plan.
The nature of cancer treatment is side effects appear from nowhere. Jason has been dynamic with my treatment plan shifting and changing it as needed.
Jason has taken the time and energy to explain in detail to me what is occurring in my body and what I can do to support myself and how he and Traditional Chinese Medicine can support me.
I am not expecting Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal the Cancer. I am using Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve the quality of my life and it is doing that beyond measure.
Jason is a true healer both he and his wife and team are a credit to our region. I am under no illusion of how difficult my life would be if I hadn’t stumbled upon Jason’s Community Acupuncture project.
Kariana Otene Blossom